Coderus Expands iOS Development Team with Chris

coderus expands ios development team with chris

Coderus is proud to announce that we expanded our team with Chris Janusiewicz as one of our new iOS developers, who will be helping the teamwork on some of our existing client contracts as well as developing new features and fixing bugs with the rest of the iOS team.

I’m looking forward to this new challenge and continuing to develop my skills in iOS development.

In his career, Chris has always been into tech and more specifically into coding since secondary school. Chris graduated with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Warwick University in 2018, and has been working on personal projects for the last two years prior to joining Coderus.

A lot of developers freelance, but I’m enjoying being a part of a team and love the culture here at Coderus especially how passionate everyone is and the level of skill and innovation.

Chris has also had many of his own successes throughout his career and wrote a 3D software rendering engine in Visual Basic from first principles in the summer after his GCSE exams.

Strange choice of language, I know, but it was what I was most comfortable with at the time.

More recently, he has developed a template for time-blocking/time tracking that helps him to use his time more effectively and allows him to gain insights and find patterns on what he uses his time for.

In Chris’ free time he really enjoys lifting weights, cycling and exercise in general, as well as working in his garden landscaping and looking after his tomato and chilli pepper plants.

I also enjoy learning and using new technologies in my personal projects, as well as a bit of gaming on the side, mainly MMOs.

With his creativity and dedication to learning, we are excited to see where Chris goes as part of the Coderus family.

Are you looking to be a part of a creative team?

We are currently hiring for a few positions, have a look at our careers’ page and apply to join our team today!

September 15, 2020
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