Coderus Expands iOS Development Team with Luke

coderus expands ios development team with luke

Coderus is pleased to have Luke join us as a new apprentice on the iOS development team.

What is the purpose of your role?

Working as an Apprentice on the iOS Development team, I am involved in the quality, performance and reliability of iOS applications that integrate with embedded devices and supporting sprint planning and sprint reviews on a fortnightly basis.

What have you been up to so far since starting your role?

I’ve really enjoyed my time working here. Joining as an apprentice developer, I was worried I would have so many questions and be unsure of what to do at times. Everyone has been incredibly helpful with any queries I have and I’ve just learned so much already, even without starting my degree yet! I’ve been working on a range of development tasks, working on different topics and with different technologies.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, Luke?

Even though I spend all week programming, I still enjoy working on some side projects in my spare time. I’ve recently started a blog, documenting things I’ve learned and hopefully sharing my knowledge with others. I also enjoy cycling, playing the trumpet and spending time outdoors with my dog.

What made you decide that Coderus was the place for you?

The opportunity just arrived at the perfect time. Due to Covid-19, my A-Levels had been cancelled and I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening with university choices. Coderus reached out and I realised it was exactly what I wanted. My dream job, plus studying for a degree at the same time. I really liked how Coderus was so local yet exactly what I was looking for as a career.

May 01, 2020
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