Coderus Expands QA Team with Billy

coderus expands qa team with billy

Coderus is proud to have Billy joining us as our new QA Engineer. Billy will be supporting the QA team with a number of client projects.

Billy has recently graduated from the University of Plymouth with a first-class honours in Computer Science. His biggest accomplishments stem from his final year university projects, which included building a new style of recommender system utilising a k-means classification algorithm as well as producing a dissertation to compliment the project.

Another achievement of Billy’s is writing a small paper on quantum supremacy, exploring whether we are truly reaching this, with Google stating they had in 2019. This was particularly enjoyable for Billy to work on as it meant he could utilise both his and his girlfriend’s skillsets, with her assisting him with the physical chemistry side of quantum computing and qubits. 

As a child, Billy had always been passionate about engineering. Being around cars, bikes and all things mechanical meant he spent his youth taking apart anything and everything to discover the inner workings of them – much to his mother’s frustration! However, this led Billy to the world of IT and wanting to understand how computers work on a deeper level.

Billy’s first work experience was as an IT technician, performing general hardware and software repairs on computer systems whilst he studied for his A-Levels. After a gap year, he began his degree where he learned computational theory and many software development practices, taking a real lead into quality, professionalism, project management and optimised programming, with larger projects in C++, OpenGL, CUDA and MEAN stack distributed web applications. Since then, he has joined the team at Coderus.

I’m really enjoying my beginnings here and I’m looking forward to a lengthy career with Coderus.

Billy loves to learn which is why he often chooses to spend his free time watching educational videos on a variety of topics but mainly those related to science. Being around his dad a lot as a child means Billy now holds engineering and mechanics as close hobbies, often fixing cars or bikes and going for drives with friends in his spare time. Other interests of Billy’s include listening to music, playing the guitar, socialising with friends and playing games.

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December 21, 2020
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