Coderus Expands Team with Rheanne

coderus expands team with rheanne

Coderus is proud to announce that we have expanded our team with Rheanne McCormick as one of our new QA testers, who will be helping the teamwork on some of our existing client contracts as well as helping us improve the UX, design and development of our website.

So far at Coderus, I have been working with testing methodologies to ensure we publish high-quality applications to the app store for Bowers and Wilkins, while developing my Android Studio skills and writing testing scripts to automate processes. I am also developing the Coderus website to achieve new and exciting marketing goals and supporting our UX delivery of design projects.

Rheanne has many years of experience as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Information and Interface Design.

In her career, Rheanne has been quite successful from her iconography design for the McLaren Speedtail dashboard, which made the front page of Top Gear Magazine to various websites.

You can view some of her portfolio on her personal website.

In her free time, Rheanne enjoys car shows, track racing and coding experiments.

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October 26, 2020
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