Coderus Expands to Norwich

coderus norwich st georges works

Building on our positive news from the last few months including being shortlisted for the Digital Technology Leaders Awards and growing our team, we are proud to announce that Coderus has opened a third office at St. George’s Works in Norwich, aided by the help of our strategic collaboration with TechVelocity

Why the expansion to Norwich?

Norwich has been on the rollout plan for Coderus for some time now for a few reasons. Coderus already works nationally and internationally, however, we wanted the opportunity to engage with more businesses and talent across East Anglia to help grow awareness and impact of the tech industry in our region. Opening the third office ensures that we are more easily offering our capabilities across the whole of East Anglia.

What is the tech community like in Norwich?

Coderus has been engaging with the tech community for a few years now engaging with the DevelopHER Awards, attending The Things Network Conferences, being a part of Future50 and our CEO, Mark Thomas, acting as a tech councillor for TechEast.

We’ve been really impressed with the quality of the events for developers and the Norwich tech cluster and wanted to get more involved. Having an office in the area will make this easier for us and also means we are able to engage with a larger talent pool.

Mark Thomas, CEO of Coderus

Who is TechVelocity?

TechVelocity is the only recognised accelerator in the East of England who help companies grow quickly and find investment opportunities. Collaborating with them not only ensures our longevity as a company, but also makes our expansion possible.

Looking to connect?

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August 17, 2020
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