Coderus Gives Back During the 2020 Holiday Season

coderus gives back during the 2020 holiday season

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, especially charities and non-profit organisations who rely on large events and donations to continue operating.

That is why this December, our team has been getting involved in collections and fundraising for a few national and local charities.

Learn more about our efforts and these charities below.

Families in Need

At the beginning of the month, we held a collection for various food items to donate to two local charities, FIND (Families in Need) and The Bus Shelter Ipswich, that our HR Assistant Ali kindly dropped off at the donation point on the weekend.

These charities do some really important work in helping those who need assistance accessing food, shelter and clothing. The Bus Shelter operates a converted double decker bus which serves as accommodation for up to six residents to help them avoid sleeping rough.

Alongside this, the charity operates two non-referral food banks in the local area. FIND helps those who are deprived of a minimum standard of living for whatever reason that may be, offering free food, household items, nursery items, furniture, appliances and more.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Our QA team lead, Chris and Senior Marketing Consultant, Kara will be taking part in an Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for another local charity, St. Elizabeth’s Hospice.

As a company, Coderus will also be matching the amount raised by Chris and Kara, doubling the overall funds they’ve raised!

Kara has also agreed to dump an extra bucket of ice per £100 onto her head to support this charity in providing vital care and support to people living with progressive illnesses. 

You can make a donation here.

Folding @ Home

Coderus is continuing to support life-changing medical research with the Folding @ Home computing project, which uses distributed computing to research how proteins fold in order to develop new therapies. Currently, the project is working towards developing medicine which can combat illnesses such as Covid-19.

Christmas Jumper Day

For Christmas Jumper Day on the 11th of December, our team put on our favourite Christmas jumpers and donated money to Save the Children, a brilliant charity which aims to improve the lives of children around the world.

You can find out more about the work Coderus does to support our local community here.

December 18, 2020
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