Coderus Shortlisted in 2021 Company Culture Awards

coderus shortlisted in 2021 company culture awards

Coderus is proud to announce that we are shortlisted for three awards in the 2021 Company Culture Awards, sponsored by Don’t Panic Events. 

At Coderus, we’ve always strived to create a diverse, inclusive and supportive culture, ensuring that our team feels positioned to achieve their maximum potential.

Learn more about the categories we are finalists in below.

Best Workplace Mental Health Awareness Initiative (Agency)

To be considered for the award for “Best Workplace Mental Health Awareness Initiative”, agencies need to have clear mental health initiatives that drive important discussions and challenge stigma to benefit both individuals and the business.

Like all businesses, Covid-19 and lockdown presented us with some challenges that we had never encountered before. We were faced with having to transform our existing culture, health and wellbeing initiatives to support remote working alongside our goal to grow as a company.

Because of this, the new objectives we set out to achieve were to:

  • Ensure our team was mentally, physically and financially supported through personal and professional challenges
  • Ensure our team stayed connected throughout the lockdown
  • Provide the team with the resources, training and tools required to overcome adversity
  • Ensure the company would survive the lockdown

As a result of achieving these goals, our team is happy, motivated and productive. They also believe in our business goals and are here to celebrate our successes with us.

Aside from us, the other organisations shortlisted for this award include Alfred, Hive Digital, Stickyeyes and Sunny Side Up.

If you’re in need of mental health assistance, we have collated a list of charities and mental health apps you can access today.

Best Apprenticeship Programme (Agency)

The best apprenticeship programme category is for agencies that encourage and nurture beginners whilst developing their skills and opportunities.

Our apprenticeship programme here at Coderus offers continual training whilst developing the strengths and assets of our apprentices.

With our programme, our apprentices are:

  • Actively nurtured and have their confidence, motivation and accountability developed
  • Given the opportunity to contribute to internal business projects
  • Pushed to reach their maximum potential by being entrusted with exciting projects that are beyond the scope of typical ‘junior’ responsibilities

By ensuring these are met, our apprentices will emerge from the programme as well-rounded, confident people with advanced technical and interpersonal skills that make them a huge asset to any business – ours or otherwise.

The other agency shortlisted for this award is Liberty Communications.

Best Charitable/Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

The best charitable/corporate social responsibility initiative award recognises companies, teams and individuals who work to support their local communities and charities.

Our team’s charitable efforts are mostly centred around providing young people in the local area, from all backgrounds with the support and resources they need to overcome barriers and nurture their interests in technology. We feel it’s vital that we challenge stigma and encourage greater diversity within the industry.

On top of this, we play an active role in supporting non-tech related local and national charities that may have been experiencing decreased donations due to the financial difficulties posed to many as a result of the pandemic.

You can learn more about our charitable efforts and fundraising activities on our CSR page.

Clicky Media, Evolved Search, LinkGraph, SoPro and Techbuyer were the other companies shortlisted for this award.

Do you want to work for a company with a culture that’s receiving national recognition?

We’re currently recruiting for a number of in-house positions – some of which are suitable for graduates. To find out more about our career opportunities, visit our careers page.

March 31, 2021
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