Excellent Work Ed | Employee of the Month August 2020

coderus employee of the month ed august 2020

Every month we ask our employees to vote for who they think should be our Coderus Employee of the Month. There is never a set criteria, and we always ask our employees to base it on who they think has gone above and beyond, not just for the company, but for their fellow colleagues too.

This month, the team has recognised that Ed, one of our iOS developers, has made great progress with a client project and has worked incredibly hard on a new challenge whilst under a lot of pressure.

Here are some of the supporting comments to back up why we chose Ed as our employee of the month for August:

  • He’s made great progress with the firmware update flow for a client project while working under a lot of pressure.
  • Working on his own on a process with little support from the client.
  • He took on a client challenge when no one else could, I can’t wait to see his next accomplishment!

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September 08, 2020
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