Maja’s Making Moves | Employee of the Month February 2021

coderus majas making moves employee of the month february 2021

Every month we hold a company-wide vote for who we believe should be recognised as our Employee of the Month.

Prior to this year, we didn’t really have a specific criteria to follow so we just based it on who we had observed as going above and beyond for the business that month. However, we decided it was time to rethink the nomination process to make things more fair for everyone in the organisation – especially those of us whose impactful work isn’t always clear to members of the team outside of their department.

Our new system bases nominations on Coderus’ core values:

  • Innovation
  • Imagination
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Continued Learning

To nominate another member of the team, we have to explain how their actions support and match up with our core values. The anonymous nominations are then reviewed by impartial, senior members of the team who decide who is ultimately awarded the title.

This month we chose Maja as our employee of the month!

Here’s a bit about why Maja was nominated:

Maja has been an excellent asset to the marketing team this month. Although she’s struggling with lockdown like all of us, she’s managed to not only put out some terrific blogs that have gained featured snippets and high rankings, she also wrote a press release that has gotten us coverage as well as an invite to do an interview at the end of February. Besides this, she is dedicated to improving her skills and has been working with Kara (Senior Marketing Coordinator) in training sessions each day at 5 to ensure she is still developing.

Are you interested in joining a team that celebrates your hard work and continued learning?

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March 01, 2021
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