Our Coderus Culture: What is it like to work here?

coderus games night may 2019

We spend loads of time at work it’s really important that we enjoy what we do and we’re happy in the place we work. We know that happy employees = successful company, so with this is in mind Coderus make one of their key focus to ensure the office has a good vibe and everyone likes being here; this is definitely one of the reasons everyone loves working here so much. Basically, we can’t wait to tell you how great it is here, so we’ve broken it down into just a few of the reasons. Enjoy!

Fun Fridays

We’ll start with the most important topic…Food. It is a very important part of everyone’s day, so every Friday we have a team lunch together. Lunch is kindly provided and it’s normally that food you really crave at the end of the week like Fish n Chips, Pizza etc – treat day! Where we can we link it to an event going on and get involved in a quiz or something, to be honest, it’s just nice to relax at the end of the week and spend some time with your co-workers.

Having other activities like lunch with my teammates outside work makes me feel that I have a better sense of trust and camaraderie with them, improving my job experience.


The Gym

If you haven’t been to the Adastral Park there is a gym on-site just next to our office, and all Coderus staff get a free gym membership – gyms are expensive these days so saves you a few pennies. Not only does this promotes a healthy lifestyle in and outside of the office, but it’s also in the park so it’s easy to get to, and is open all day. Before work, at lunch or after work it’s a great space to clear the mind after a busy day.

The gym is a convenient and great way to keep fit, also to do something different during lunch breaks.


Outside Team Events

As a business, we support a lot of events and charities in the community which means we have the privilege of attending these events to support these amazing organisations. Each event a group of dress up and celebrate, for example, we sponsor the DevelopHER awards and we spend the evening celebrating the inspirational women who work in tech, enjoying food and the company of our co-workers. Working for a company that is so involved brings so many opportunities we probably wouldn’t get otherwise.

I really appreciate the opportunity to attend all these events and get involved, it allows us to meet so many amazing people we’d probably never meet. 


In-Office Events

There are lots of occasions throughout the year and we definitely use every one of them as an excuse to celebrate. Christmas we decorate the whole office, summer we will all take afternoon walks over to get ice-cream together and enjoy the sunshine, and every birthday there is cake – Who doesn’t love cake! The little treats are those ones that clear your head for a minute when its in work mode.

Coderus gives their employees extra treats for all the hard work that goes into everything we do, and to encourage us to socialise with each other and help us bond even more as a team and as a family.



Each month we get a treatment which ranges from haircut/ beard trim at the local barber to a beauty treatment with a beautician who comes into the office. Whether it’s a manicure or just a trim it’s things you might not have time to do outside of work hours and is just that bit special. Being allowed to take time to just breath and freshen up really does go that extra mile and impact our productivity.

Free treatments are a fantastic perk at Coderus, it’s so lovely to have some relaxation time during a busy day at work. It helps me to regain my thoughts and helps bring a sense of calm to my day.


Team Meetings

Being part of a team is hugely important in a company, and monthly team meetings is our way to get everyone together. It allows us to bounce ideas off each other, keep up to date and share any new ideas of thoughts we have. It could be a crazy new project idea or just shouting someone out for doing a fabulous job.

The feeling of being included is what I like most about team meetings, knowing that I can voice my thoughts and they’ll be listened to. It makes a big difference to feel heard.



Everyone wants to be a star and here you can. With our S.T.A.R.S awards, which is Staff Appreciation and Recognition Scheme where people are recognised for their achievements in the office. Every quarter we all nominate someone for each category who we think has excelled recently, Then the winner of each category gets shouted out in team meeting, a certificate and a small bonus to say thanks for all their hard work. – getting a certificate and being recognised never gets old.

The fact that these nominations come from our co-workers, and they’re proud of you is a bonus in itself.


Games Nights

Big kids at heart we all love games, so every month we have games night where we all get together to spend the evening playing games whether it be board games, video games, movie night or a trip to the arcades, we go all out – we also have pizza, you’d be crazy to turn it down!

Having different perks makes my life happier at work! I love to have games nights with my colleagues where we have pizza, good laugh and fun together!


Small Things

And if all of that isn’t enough, there is also the small things that probably don’t get enough recognition but would be deeply missed if they were to go. We are so lucky to be provided with cold drinks in the office and we now have our very own coffee machine so we have coffee, tea, hot chocolate on tap just a few steps away from our desks.

Coderus gives their employees free drinks as an extra treat for all the hard work that goes into everything we do, and to encourage us to socialise with each other and help us bond even more as a team and as a family.


 If all of these things sound as great as they are and you’re thinking ‘How do I get involved in this?’ Just head on over to our website and have a look at our career opportunities, there could be something perfect for you. Also, keep up to date with our social media where we share everything we get up to.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love where you work and love what you do.

Steve Jobs
December 09, 2019
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