Qualcomm Extension Program Membership: What does it mean?

coderus qualcomm extension program membership

Recently, we’ve been covering our certifications, partnerships and memberships such as our ISO certifications and more – which brings us to our membership with Qualcomm.

Coderus is a proud member of the Qualcomm Extension Program, as well as an Approved IP Integrator, which helps us facilitate the integration of new and differentiating features more efficiently and cost-effectively for our customers. Being a part of this program helps connect our software and app development abilities with manufacturers internationally. Read on to find out what this partnership means for us and our clients.

Who is Qualcomm?

Qualcomm is a leading international telecommunications technology company that creates products and services for use all over the world. Based in San Diego, Qualcomm was founded in 1985 and is responsible for the basis of many major technological breakthroughs from 5G to Wi-Fi, AI and IoT.

What is the Qualcomm Extension Program?

The Qualcomm Extension Program works as a business matchmaking service, connecting manufacturers to software and app development companies like Coderus. This means we have the opportunity to license our uniquely designed audio software features to other manufacturers within the industry. The main aims of the Qualcomm Extension Program are to reduce product development time, connect potential clients to experts and drive product innovation. 

Benefits of Qualcomm Extension Program

As members since 2014, Coderus benefits from being a part of the Qualcomm Extension Program by being able to access exciting new business opportunities and form lasting client relationships with companies that are seeking innovative software solutions. We are also able to gain greater awareness of our brand and accelerate our business with Qualcomm’s promotion.

Clients of the Qualcomm Extension Program can benefit from reduced product development time, solutions from industry experts and diversified product innovation.

As a member of the Qualcomm Extension Program, we’re able to support a wide range of technologies – meaning our service offering is very competitive and comprehensive.

Mark Thomas, CEO of Coderus

Coderus is pleased to be an Authorised Design Centre for Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd., a world leader in wireless telecommunications products and services. 

Working with Qualcomm since 2014, from initial development with Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) to prototype and production, Coderus has access and experience with the ADK (e.g.CSR8670 / CSR8675), low energy (Energy®) development systems and provides an integrated design service supporting the platform across firmware, hardware, mobile and desktop solutions. We have also provided solutions using BTLE and USB protocols.

If you would like to discuss any of these solutions, please get in touch.

November 25, 2020
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