Women in Tech: Changing Your Mindset

group of diverse women with computers and other technology

As an Innovation Martlesham company, we are always delighted to attend and support events that acknowledge women who are making a difference in the tech sector.

Following up the success of the last event in December of Celebrating thirty years Women in Tech, we attended the annual Women in Tech event, organised by BT at Adastral Park, on 21st June. 

The event opened with a guest speaker from BT, Alison Wilcox, who gave an insightful talk about change and how to embrace it. Alison shared her professional path, personal experiences and what skills make a great leader with the audience. Alison said: you have to accept change and actually embrace it.

From starting her career as a nurse to now acting as the Group HR Director of BT, her talk was focused on how important it is to be authentic within your work environment and stand up for everything you believe in.

She also referred to change as something positive, and that it is actually one of the most important factors that will help someone grow and turn them into a better person.

Some of the other speakers talked about empathy and sympathy within the working environment, highlighting the significant difference between them.

There was also a short, yet very informative talk about the Internet of Things, providing a concise session about everything we need to know about this emerging technology.

The highlight of the event was a training session by Di Macdonald about Impact and Influence, and how she is using her experience from working with large corporates such as Apple, Expedia and EE, to prepare us and guide us in shaping the future generation of talent in tech.

Wrapping it up was a panel session, offering everyone the opportunity to ask questions to four women who had different roles within technology. This was both engaging and inspiring.

It was great to share and learn new ideas as well as having the opportunity to network with others. Besides the great networking, it was really encouraging to see a wide variety of women within the tech sector who didn’t necessarily have a technical background but play an important role within big tech companies. 

Supporting events like this one is essential to us, as they promote and encourage a strong women presence and only if we have diversity within the tech sector, we will be able to achieve more.

We look forward to attending more events similar to this one, highlighting the importance of having diversity within the tech sector.

Coderus is committed to making a difference in the local community. And we do that, not only by attending events similar to this one but by attending career fairs that embrace women in STEM as well as sponsoring events like the DevelopHER awards, too.

July 10, 2019
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