Coderus Awarded Best Workplace Mental Health Awareness Initiative

coderus wins best workplace mental health awareness initiative in 2021 company culture awards

Coderus is proud to announce that after being shortlisted for three awards in the 2021 Company Culture Awards, we are the Winners of the Best Workplace Mental Health Awareness Initiative (Agency) Award for Caring For Our Team Through Covid.

Why did Coderus win Best Workplace Mental Health Awareness Initiative?

In 2020, our mental health and overall wellbeing objectives were:

  • To ensure the team was mentally, physically and financially supported through personal and professional challenges
  • To ensure the Coderus team stayed connected throughout the lockdown
  • To ensure the team was provided with the resources, training and tools required to overcome adversity
  • To ensure the company would survive the lockdown

Over the past year, we have massively transformed our company culture to be suitable for the current world climate while also ensuring that we promoted positive outcomes for the following groups who were the most at risk including:

  • Employees with children
  • Employees living on their own
  • Employees with protected characteristics
  • Employees who are neurodiverse
  • Employees who lack self-esteem and confidence
  • Employees with health conditions [shielding]

We did this by providing a wide range of activities, programmes, CSR opportunities and training whilst also implementing policies within the company that helped provide these groups with better outcomes.

For us, we believed it was important for us to take a bespoke approach instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to mental health and overall wellbeing and this is why we believe we won this award.

“We were really impressed by this winning entry. There was lots of good taking place and there was a really strong focus on diversity and inclusion. We loved how they understood and recognised segments within the workforce, which helped shape initiatives… An outstanding submission deserving of this award win!”

Clare Kenny, Employee Wellbeing Coach & Judge

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April 28, 2021
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